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Our academics named world’s most influential

Professor Thomas (Tom) Powles and Professor James Moon

Two Barts Health consultants have been named in a list of the world’s most influential researchers.

Professors James Moon and Thomas Powles feature in the ‘Highly Cited Researchers’ list for 2021 which recognises academics with significant influence in their field.

Professor Moon is a consultant cardiologist and clinical lead for cardiac imaging at Barts Heart Centre based at St Bartholomew’s Hospital. A professor of cardiology at UCL, he is also the chief investigator of Covidsortium, a long-term study of UK healthcare staff during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Professor Powles is a consultant oncologist and director of the Barts Cancer Centre. He is a professor of urology cancer at the University of London with a particular focus on drug development. He has written hundreds of research papers leading to the approval of several cancer therapies.

The list, compiled by analytics experts Clarivate, reveals the researchers whose work has been most often cited by peers over the past decade. 6,600 people make up the list, placing them in the top 0.1% of researchers globally.

With 492 researchers featured (or 7.5% of the total), the UK is placed third globally behind the USA and China, who have 2,622 (39.7%) and 935 (14.2%) respectively.

Joel Haspel from Clarivate said: “The data reflects a decades worth of research publications from the global scientific community.

“As well as documenting the ‘Eureka!’ moments, it tells the story of late nights spent filling in grant applications, poring over results in the lab, the unsung work peer reviewing contemporaries’ manuscripts, and the many small failures that ultimately lead to bigger successes and accelerating innovation.”

St Bartholomew's Hospital chief executive Professor Charles Knight said: "We are so lucky to have such eminent clinical academics at Barts Health."

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