Your support

Having your diagnosis or treatment in a Barts Health London Private Care hospital is good for you because you are able to access world leading consultants and specialists as well as state of the art medical equipment.

A world-leading centre of excellence

It means that you are able to access all the services of a large scale group of hospitals and in the unlikely event that you need intensive care or high dependency care, these are all on site and you will avoid further transportation. Being treated at a world-leading centre of excellence means you are cared for by internationally-renowned doctors and nurses, using the very latest techniques and equipment.

The money raised through our private patients goes straight back into our hospitals unlike a profit making hospital. This revenue goes towards maintaining our buildings, buying up-to-date technology and is an investment in our research.

Private income can also be used to:

  • Support services, through justifying investment in additional equipment. Business cases can be more readily made where there is additional revenue/ activity, for instance through private patients. This benefits all patients.
  • Provide additional funds to support staff training, across all staff groups, through the provision of a training fund paid for by from private income. This therefore underpins the ongoing development of our staff, which ultimately benefits all patients.
  • If you are UK based and entitled to NHS care, choosing to pay privately means that you both save the NHS the cost of your care and the money you pay goes back to benefit the NHS.

Many of our private patients are entitled to NHS care but they have made a choice to pay for their care – usually because this gives them more flexibility and choice. For us, this means that by choosing to go private they are not only saving the NHS the money that would have spent on their care but they are also contributing to the NHS funds by paying for their care.

In these challenging times for NHS resources, this makes a big difference to the quality of care we are able to offer all our patients.